These are great developers working hard to create the TYFYS!

❝ I'm David, the developer of the appyoun team from the 1st Division of the Army. For the proud Korean soldiers, The TYFYS service has been created to help them in their lives. We will always strive for your convenience. 😎 ❞
❝ We developed this idea with the idea that it would be nice to have vacation management and schedule management, which were often difficult to forget and organize when we were in the military. The TYFYS team will do its best to ensure that soldiers do not feel uncomfortable, and will always try to provide better service! 💪 ❞
❝ I am the server developer of the TYFYS team!, I developed the TYFYS to make a archive of your precious youth. If there is a problem with the server, I will do my best to solve it! Thank you! ❞
❝ We developed the service to provide convenience in communicating with your military life and managing your schedule. We will make sure to leave you a good experience. Thank you ^^ ❞