Community Terms and Conditions

Before using the community, please be aware of all the contents of the Community Use Rules. • The definition of these terms and conditions is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Forbidden Activities You prohibit the creation of posts, comments, and abuse listed below. •Illegal acts, such as sharing entertainment-related information, buying and selling, and arranging entertainment-related information

  • Public relations activities contrary to the Information and Communication Network Act •Unhealthy gatherings, conversations, phone calls, etc., offline meetings •Direct and indirect advertising, promotion, and sales activities of companies, non-profit organizations, individuals, and organizations •Cursive acts, bad words, slander, derogatory, sarcastic •Acts that disclose, provoke, deceive, or surprise content or endings •Excessive political and religious activities •Acts that go against the customs •Posting harmful media for youth, such as events, events, lectures, performances, movie promotions •Application, pornography, obscene stories, body photos, etc. •Request to share accounts, request to promote public relations, viral events, etc. •Provide businesses such as restaurants, delivery, sharing, etc. •All other advertising, promotional, sales-related posts •• Request membership, subscribe, like, participate in classmates, click on a link, enter a referral, install the app • Disclosure of false information, unfair criticism, slander, insult • Writing symbols or special characters that may cause errors • Creating unusual posts, such as joint purchases, funding, posting messages without contents • Exploiting the reporting system, such as false reports, multiple accounts, or collective reports by organizations • Activities involving elections, political parties, or politicians contrary to the Public Official Election Act • Support, promotion and campaign activities • Money and valuables, solicitation or demand • Abnormal service use • Polling background and results citation • Other acts that

• Non-tradeable items that are contrary to the relevant laws of medicine and pharmacists • Glasses, contact lenses, medicines, blood donation certificates, health functional foods, medical devices • Liquor, tobacco, narcotics • Unlawful acts • Resale acts for profit purposes, such as scalps, etc., that infringe on the rights of others, such as portrait rights, copyright infringement, etc. • Other acts that infringe on the rights of others, such as portrait rights, copyright infringement, etc• Activities that adversely affect the community, such as community leakage, system hacking, etc.

  • Exercising authority by impersonating an operator or equivalent qualifications
  • Other acts to achieve the same or similar purpose as those listed above

Report Processing System

  • No posts shall be made that violate the rules of community use or may be reported to other users. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the accumulation of reports.
  • Users who violate the rules of community use or have accumulated reports may be deleted from their posts, and sanctions such as writing, comment restrictions, and access restrictions may be imposed for up to three years.
  • All posts are processed through a reporting processing system based on the user's report. If you find articles, comments, etc. that are deemed to be contrary to the rules of community use, please press the report button to report them.
  • All processes go through the reporting processing system, so it is impossible to verify the reporter and the reason for reporting or to release access restrictions.
  • Posts may be temporarily saved for processing during reporting.

Board Operator (Administrator) System

  • Bulletin board operators can delete and warn posts that appear on the bulletin board. The bulletin board may be forcibly closed or the bulletin board operator may be disenfranchised if the following lists occur.

If the bulletin board operator breaks the community usage rules and posts that violate the community usage rules are not deleted,

All posts are handled by the reporting system.